Consignment Terms and Conditions

Ace in the Lowell - Consignment Agreement

Ace in the Lowell accepts good quality used sporting goods equipment, apparel, and accessories. All items must be clean and in good condition. Items in need of repair or cleaning may be donated without notice. DONATION RECEIPTS AVAILABLE UPON REQUEST ONLY.

Retained Fees: Fifty percent (50%) of the selling price of each item shall be retained by Ace in the Lowell for items sold at the store during the sale period.

Liability: Ace in the Lowell will dutifully care for your consigned items; however, we cannot be held responsible for damage, theft, loss, or any other causes beyond the control of Ace in the Lowell.

Inventory List and Pricing: Consignor will validate inventory as listed in the consignment portal. Ace in the Lowell will determine the retail price on all consigned merchandise and will price merchandise at reasonable value to allow your items to realistically sell. We will discount merchandise items as we deem appropriate. We welcome your pricing suggestions!

Contract Period: The contract period for Ace in the Lowell will be during our entire consignment acceptance, sale, and pickup dates. We reserve the right to apply additional discounts to your items to aggressively sell them. It is the responsibility of the consignor to pick up your unsold items. All unsold items not picked up during designated pickup dates/times, WITHOUT FURTHER NOTICE, will automatically become property of Ace in the Lowell and may be donated to charity.

Ace in the Lowell has the right to photograph items being consigned and retain the images for use in any material desired.

Consignment Payment: It is the responsibility of the consignor to maintain all records of consigned items. Ace in the Lowell will generate payments to consignors at the end of the sale period. A check will be mailed to you, or payment may be sent through agreed upon electronic means. Unsold items that are not picked up at the end of the sale period may be donated at the discretion of Ace in the Lowell.

Custom gear for your team. Apparel is printed at the time of ordering and takes 2-3 days on average to be ready. Please reach out to us with any questions.