New year - more new things!

3 to 4 months in and on the 3rd web platform. Continuous improvement and ease of use for you is what is most important.

This platform will allow the modernization of our consignment process. Up to this point we have been handling consignment in a very manual way. This hasn't been good for you or for us. Coming soon, you will have the ability to track your consignment items that are listed for sale with us. You will be able to see what is listed, what is sold, money that you are owed, and get paid via Paypal or other method of your choice. Excited to roll this out! This feature will be available within the next week. Consignors, watch your inbox for an invite to sign up on the consignors portal. 

The 2nd exciting thing that this platform will allow is that you will be able to design your custom garment right from the website using our stock images or your provided image. We are really excited to roll out this feature and it will be coming over then next couple of weeks. 

Long gray days of winter are the perfect time to get these things right, and make sure that we are all aligned for the upcoming spring season. 

So excited to continue to learn and evolve to serve our community best. Thank you again for your confidence in us and we will see you soon!

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